I’d like to think that art has to deal more with transformation, than creativity: by moving the the boundaries of making art, by using materials, by changing their functions, by transforming myself, people, society. Creation ends, transformation evolves. G.P

visual artist, with experience gained in various fields: from installations, performances and video.

over the years he has carried out his personal research creating a peculiar personal language, through the use of transparent materials, red threads, written, minimal elements both in the wall works and in performances and installations, sometimes site specific. in the last period his artistic research has concentrated in relation to the textile tradition of Biella, using the weaving, fabrics of plastic materials (cycle of planifers) and photographs printed on translucent acetates, as his own stylistic code; parallel to a survey of the world, its changes, geopolitical, economic, geoclimatic and migratory, present and future, through the creation of globes and hemispheres of transparent and mirror methacrylate glass, where the boundaries of the territories and the possible profiles are plumb variations on the theme, other related issues addressed in photographic fabrics are linked to identity in its facets. he lives and works between turin and connecting rod.

Among the exhibits:


  • ”Art&Photography 2018” on line, 2018;


  • ”” environmental installation (viverone vc) 2017;
  • “ogni 1000 metri cambia il mondo” by marco by marco albertaro, riccardo costantini contemporary, dogliani (cn) 2017;


  • sharing gallery (international on-line) 2016;


  • “T_essere_territorio” installation-performance at 1’900 meters with Mallorcan gabriella (holland) and ewa gleisner (lago del mucrone, conella) 2015;
  • “Swab” portanova12 gallery (bo) (barcelona, ​​spain) 2015;


  • “the others” (torino) edition 2013-14-15-16;
  • “setup art fair” (bologna) edition 2013-14-15-16;


  • 13 × 17″ Venice Biennale (Venice) 2012;

  • “paste for pourpose, tribute to augusto …” with the Indian artist rabindra patra, cittadellarte fondazione pistoletto (biella);


  • “Art luggage” (catania) 2007;

  • “13 × 17” Italian Pavilion (Naples, Biella, Pescara, Palermo, Bologna, Rome, Venice Biennale) 2007-08;

  • “quotidiano” (Padova) 2007;


  • “100 times stalker” (glasgow, ) 2004;
  • “food design” (torino) 2004;
  • “gemine muse” (roman, romania) 2004;


  • “gemine muse” (biella) 2003;


  • “villaggio globale” (la valletta, malta) 2002;

  • “le pareti della solitudine” cittadellarte-fondazione pistoletto (biella) 2002;


  • “archeologia futura” with michelangelo pistoletto and gabriele boccacini for young artists’ biennial
    “big 2000” (torino);
  • “mirror” installation within “big 2000” (caraglio, cuneo);

Solo exhibits


  • panchine rosse contro il femminicidio” installazione site specific, giardini zumaglini (bi) 2018;
  • “moveo_ergo_sum” by sarah lanzoni galleria après-coup (mi) 2018;
  • ”frontera esta_tal” galleria espronceda (barcellona, spagna) 2018;
  • ”piccoli movimenti rivoluzionari” gallerialuisa catucci (berlino, germania) 2018;
  • “con_fini di lucro” palazzo ferrero, biella (bi);
  • ”viaggio in portogallo_invito al viaggio” palazzo lamarmora, biella (bi):


  • second_skin” cute project residenza artistica (kampala, fort portal, uganda) 2017;

  • “profil0” casa zegna-fondazione zegna (trivero-bi) 2017;

  • “fereestill” fonderie limone (to) 2017;

  • “hospital uganda second_skin” galleria accademia (to) 2017;


  • ”s_radicamenti, popoli, confini, migrazioni” cortile lagrange palazzo cavour (torino)2016;
  • ”solo show” setup art fair, riccardo costantini contemporary (bologna) 2016;


  • “ricerca_d_identità” paola meliga gallery (torino) 2015;

  • ”ricerca_d_identità”  adiacenze – caravan setup (bologna) 2015;


  • ”intrecci_d_identità” provoqart (nizza fr) 2014;
  • “intrecci_in_tessuti” bi-box (biella) 2014;


  • “invasioni” palazzo ex enel – bi-box (biella) 2013;


  • “bi-box1”, opening bi-box space (biella) 2011;


  • “rapporti a2” with luciano pivotto officine caos (torino) 2007;


  • “alla corte dell’arte” (andorno, biella) 2004;


  • “fino a qui” (villa schneider, biella) 2002;

He was cured, among others, by: Antonio Arevalo, Guido Bartorelli, Philippe Daverio, Jean Blanchaert, Irene Finiguerra, Olga Gambari, Teresa Iannotta, Marina Mojana, Stefania Schiavon, Angela Vettese, Alessia Locatelli, Alice Zannoni, Sarah Lanzoni.

He collaborated with Michelangelo Pistoletto in Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella) from 1997 to 2004.

Curator for the City of Biella of the setting up of the permanent exhibition “Spazio della Memoria” in the underground spaces of Villa Schneider, dedicated to the memory of the Nazi-Fascist occupation of the villa, used as a place of tortures, interrogations and deportation.

He works regularly as a performer with the theatre company “Stalker Teatro” in Turin since 1997, making experiences in Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Israel, United Kingdom, Malta). He realized with the company national and international co-productions, working with: Akademia Ruchu (Poland), Gabriella Maiorino (Netherlands), Ex Nihilo (France), Scene Plastyczna (Poland), Eugenio Barba (Denmark), Remondi & Caporossi (Italy), Pierre Byland (France) , Marigia Maggipinto (Italy).

He has made personal productions in the interdisciplinary collaborative field: with Daniele Ninarello-contemporary dance (Italy), Gabriella Maiorino-contemporary dance- (Holland), Fabio Liberti-contemporary dance (Denmark), Alessandro Amaducci-video art- (Italy), Rabindra Patra -mutidisiplinay art_ (India), Marie Rose Mayele-lan art – land art and performing art- (Congo), Anne-bet Shuurmans-land art and performing art- (Belgium), Riccardo Ruggeri “Lomè” -music, video, Syndone -music, concert performance- (Italy) -, Yvonne De La Criox-photographer (Bologna), Ewa Gleisner_ photographer (Poland) with whom she has worked assiduously since 2004.

He realizes artistic collaborations with companies and private people: “profondità di tela”, installation for “Filrus” advertising campaign (Italy) 2012; “persone – numeri – banca”, installation for the cover of “WelcomeBank” book, Napolitano and Visconti, Egea ed. (Milan) 2011, 

Cover of the last CD of Lomè, since 2013 collaborates with the Ermanegildo Zegna Foundation and Casa Zegna (Trivero BI). Cover of the last Lomè CD.

Director of the inaugural ceremony of the International Special Olympic 2014, 2015 and 2017.

He collaborated with several artists, among them: the visual artist Laura Testa, with whom he performs installations and performances since 2000; the Italian choreographer Gabriella Maiorino, a resident in the Netherlands and the Indian artist Rabindra Patra. Since 2014, he collaborates continuously with the Polish photographer Ewa Gleisner.

Founder and president of the association the “Pecora elettrica” cinema.

Founder in 2013 with a group of cultural anthropologist of the association ramodoro – anthropology for the community. The non-profit – thanks to the mediation of art – wants to bring anthropology into the daily life of society to foster dialogue between people and develop a fairer society.

Founding member of “Love Difference” at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto-culture of the meeting.

Founding member of the “+vicino” association -processes of social and cultural innovation, looking at concepts such as participatory democracy, gender equality and human rights, sharing economy, smart city, eco-sustainability and territorial development, it is proposed to promote the growth – human, social, cultural, artistic – of the local community, starting from single people, from small groups and inserting them into a broad design.

In 2018, he gave lectures to present his work at the Naba (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan) and at the Bocconi University (Milan).

Collaborates with the Philosophy Department of Turin University on experimentations concerning visual perception.

Teacher of Camera and Video Editing at the “Albe Steiner” Institute in Turin, Audiovisual specialization.

Participates with several videos at international festivals: with the “più vicino” (closer) movie, realized with Beppe Anderi and with the participation of Michelangelo Pistoletto, sold and distributed by Universal Studio in: “Torino Film Festival” 1999, “Arcipelago” Rome, “Visioni italiane” Bologna, “Bellaria Film Festival” and with the videos “passaggi a nordovest ’98, ’99, ’00, ’03” (passages to north-west), realized with Alessandro Amaducci, Beppe Anderi and Barbara Rossi.

Realizes video documentations broadcast on RAI Arte. In 2004, takes part as guest in the “Turin Film Festival” and “Rome Film Festival” with the documentary “viaggio nel silenzio del tempo” (voyage into the silence of time), an interview to Aleksandr Sokurov. In 2006, realizes the documentary “mondi allo specchio” (worlds in the mirror) with Fabio Pettirino, produced by Love Difference/Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, Regione Piemonte, Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

Curator (together with Grazia Paganelli and Giuseppe Gariazzo) of the show and catalog “Cinemadisvolta” for Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation since 2005, and curator (together with the pre-mentioned) of the first edition of the “International Contest of VideoStory” 2008, in Cittadellarte.

Actor in film productions with the directors: Cristina Andreone “Password” 1997; Beppe Anderi “Viaggio nella città di carta” 2001, “Senza fine di lucro” 2002; Cocito and Pastore “Come fossili cristallizzati nel tempo” 2000; Corso Salani “I casi della vita” 2009; “Dracula 3D” Dario Argento 2012.

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